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raids catoniana Blog Fact
Today I will tell my little adventure into the world of the web.
Cato Maior site is a tiny, but its players and fans are growing every day. I am glad, as well as amazed.
Di Recently, the old Cato has decided to 'expand', making any foray into other virtual lands and leaving comments and commentaries here and there on websites and forums, to see the effect of hidden ago, as he sang Jannacci.
The first thing that catches the eye, who like myself is a stateless person, intellectual, is the high degree of incivility that exists in that very political party that embodies instead - of course your eyes - the ideal of civic duty, fairness honesty and vilified by berluscones.
example is the blog of the trip catoniana Done. Incidentally, the fact is that perhaps the most interesting in the online edition of the landscape national newspapers.
E 'modeled on the same site of the Huffington Post, but no matter: after all, if the structure is a copincolla, content is native. ( follows ... )
The fact is the worthy heir to that pirate journalism and deliberately invented by simpleton Felt independence (which I consider Felt Labor and the two sides of the same coin, my readers know from the time of my article 'The Feltraglio' ).
Great photos, headlines effect, a tough Manichaeism driven to tickle and antigovernment satiate the appetites of its readers, call the spirit of membership (loyalty, a Berlusconi would say): this is the winning recipe of Padellaro boys. Felt is no coincidence, in an interview to the same incident, recently made a tribute to this newspaper, admitting it as a possible source of inspiration editorial. The rare event that pays tribute to master the student who has passed.
But back to the point. I said that I was amazed that a site where comments from readers rain in bursts, with an eighty per cent of these are based on a basic concept can be summed up in "... We who are honest, the vast majority of the interventions turned out to anonymous .
are two cases: either it is people who do not have the courage to take responsibility for their thoughts - and here I would have something to say about the value of a review that we feel ashamed - or of employees, rather than do their jobs, they spend their time surfing on the Internet looking for good opportunities to blame the 'dishonest' - and here perhaps may be objected to Freud with his theory of negation. But let's move on.
Cato Maior left two comments on the online Done.
The first Blog Massimo Fini, criticism in his article, has been commented sine ira ac studio from another reader, who invited him to write again. It will be that the public Purposes, against the intellectual and never boring, even when the law on the fact, it is polite to a certain freedom of opinion.
The trouble started when CM are dared to enter the arena's private Marco Travaglio: hic sunt leones.
To give my readers the anger which cloud the minds of Travaglione, Pavlovian prepared to salivate and especially to bite (mostly behind anonymity, it is clear) anyone who criticizes their idol, I reproduce below my speech, I defiantly entitled 'Phenomenology of Marco Travaglio,' with some of the best commentaries.

With this latest article confirms Travaglio - any were needed - to be a great journalist. Satirist. His jokes, his nicknames (Dry Frattini, Pierluigi CerchiObattista, the Cain and many others) are candidates for law school and become a songwriter for the next edition of Zelig.
not hard to imagine him there, Our, study in which transmits its interminable monologues video (so soporific insightful as are his writings), racking their brains on a new piece.
His technique is simple and should be put on paper for a manual of satire: Labor takes a fact any ("The facts, gentlemen, here it is merely stated the truth!"), Stripping it of all the causal links of circumstances that generated it and that support the dense network of relationships with other events and causes, it uncovers the nuances of the ineffable and too complex to explain in four savory characters, in short, makes a tiny particle (usually, "Tom is under investigation") without additional meanings to those who will give him, Travaglio, filling and mocking fancy stores, to turn it into a grotesque farce.
Et voila, the reader is served: Labor Law, laughs, then ponders frowning, and before you think "What good, he tells you it like it is!", Then realizes that things are going badly, that we sail into a sea of sewage, but of course no fault of 'our', because the producers sewage are 'that guy', those names so wittily mangled ("Ah ah that strong Labor"), and then indignant, the repurchase actually concerned Santoro, Travaglio reads, he is indignant and ridiverte again and everything starts all over again as a hallucinogenic drug which can no longer do without, because it allows him to dream a new world now, where the best - that is' win-at the end noi'

hell broke loose. Blog
in turmoil for treason.
Start a guy:

"Damn that genius you are, you look like in Ferrara! Do you dwell on word on the comma, in text transformations ... Hey! Genius but 'the fact that B. Gaddafi does not want to disturb, Frattini and by the 'reason for this we do not find anything to say. Hypocrites who strain out a gnat and Ingo THE CAMEL. We laugh all the way to the indecent pictures of our ministers, and you worry about how he exhibits his thesis Travaglio. England consider our prime minister but a pimp 'Travaglio ... Eh! Eh! - I have no words!
Now the Europeans criticize harshly to our emigrants about the fact that we still support a thug like B. Thanks to people like market-maior (He turned in his grave Cato you die 'to defend the Republic, this rather die for the pimps).

As you can see, this cute Volume does not conceive that anyone who dares to criticize labor can not be a supporter of Berlusconi (also referred to in my article does not mention): the hermeneutics of a Travaglione doc is based on the same principle Friend or Foe that animates a Berlusconi: criticize my leaders? Then you're a communist (or Berlusconi). Another raised

"Travaglio least does not use euphemisms.
If a guy is under investigation, is not calling Unlike Clean.
If a Minister has made a ******* t, does not say that was partial and in good faith.
If there `disgust, not burying toast to the future everything under the rug.
I dare not imagine what you can read.
're so devoid of content in the speech (poor among other things) that a shadow faded memories of a speech by a politician of the Third Order. Worthy of the country where you live. Enjoy it! "

is not difficult to see that there is no link between what I wrote and what I answered him. "At least Travaglio ..." here is the fundamental issue that reappears subtrack: If you do not like Travaglio, who supports it? What the hell do you read? Of course, turbid wallow happily in the republic Berlusconi: enjoy it!

Genius and the next lapdario:
" Phenomenologist, you Rosica eh?
Have not you should not hurt, labor can choose to read it or not ... we think that we must necessarily peck your head! "

I have not understood for what rosicare. But the genius here, has already established that I have a boss (throw it there: Berlusconi?). More

marked irony, the last that we carry:
" .. dear, your opinions in these spaces for clean air are always welcome.
his lucid intelligence, fortunately, has the evocative power to bring us back to reality. We provide
Capezzone of the essays, which has been formed, so that we, poor flock, it can be so great ignorance and mend "babbeitudine" that clouded.
Thank you thank you and thank you. There were of enlightened minds like yours "

But even he, the temptation to throw it in the cow is too strong, and you take the trouble to respond to those who asked me to place my account of my reading I would be a devourer of essays Capezzone (ohibò, Capezzzone wrote some really wise?).

short, this is the status quaestionis of freedom of thought at the time (and in the maze) Fact.
I confess that I really enjoyed this episode, and drove me to continue on this road.
So begins a new section in Cato the space, which will tell you the results of my raids.
Before leaving, however, allow a necessary gloss.
should be made as to whether the newspaper had put in place a network really free, open to comments from anyone, in which even the stinging considerations Cato Maior are a virtual place to be known (with a final link), discussed, without being censored.
should be the norm, perhaps, but certainly is not.
Just today, the website of the Journal, I wrote a scathing commentary on the distressing article about the legal problems of the father of Saviano. Of course, as my practice, no offense or vulgarity.
But, perhaps, a criticism of the genre - that usually came from "communist", but by a conservative nostalgic Montanelli - it was too dangerous.
Result? The comment has disappeared into thin air.
Damn, I'll complain to my boss as soon as possible.


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